Parts of the body (age 1-2)

Around 15 to 18 months your child will start to recognise themselves in the mirror. Something that should be taken for granted as there are only a handful of animals in the world that can do this. At around this age children will start to point at themselves in the mirror and make faces. This is also around the age when they will start to mirror what you are doing. Opening their mouth and sticking out their tongue when that is what you have just done. This means their awareness is growing and developing. They will start to be able to point to different body parts. 

Most toddlers love to learn about their bodies. There are so many fun ways to use this printable. 

  • Matching Game
  • Print two and play a memory game
  • You can hold up a card and have your kids show you or point to that body part
  • Lay them out, say the body part and have your child point to the correct image. 


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