Lesson on Inscribed and Concentric Figures

A geometry lesson for children ages 3 and up.

You will need shapes of multiple sizes and colors. I used felt but you can use construction paper as well.

When introducing this lesson it is best to start with one shape. (we started with circles) Take one of the circles out and ask the child, “what shape is this?”

When the child has answers you can then point out that there are many circles of different sizes. You can then ask them to order them from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. 

You can practice this multiple times before showing them how to place them concentrically. You should do it first starting with the largest and making your way to the smallest. Each time pointing to the middle/center of the circle. Continue to repeat that each of these circles have THE SAME CENTER. 

Once you have shown them how to do it you can mix the circles and have them do it on their own. The first time it is best to sit next to them in case they feel unsure and need help. When they have understood you can then let them play around. Let them create different concentric circles using different sized circles and colors. 

Extra: You can look at pictures of concentric circles in nature. Or learn about the famous Wassily Kandinsky and his famous square with concentric circles.

When the child has mastered the concentric circles you can then do the same with squares and triangles. When they have mastered Concentric figures you can then move onto inscribed figures. 

Inscribed figure is a geometric figure which touches only the sides (or interior) of another figure. Have your child play around with the same shapes and find what shapes fit snugly inside another. See below. 

Extension: If you want to mix it up or continue this lesson when your child has gotten the hang of it. You can have them go around the house collecting circular objects they can trace. Have them line them up from biggest to smallest and trace each one in a concentric circle. They can repeat this exercise with each shape or repeat the same one with different objects. 

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