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Watercolor Craft for Kids

Georgia O’Keefe inspired project

Age Group:

4 and up. It can be modified for 3 year olds as well.


20-30 minutes


Step By Step Process:

Before getting started go for a walk outside and collect sticks. Be sure to get thinner smaller sticks so they will fit on your paper. 

  1. Have your child draw a moon with a yellow of white crayon. You can also draw stars if you would like. 
  2. Help your child set up the water color, lemon and salt. Make sure to make room for a mess. Part of the fun of this project is allowing your child to explore different textures and exploring how watercolor flows together to make a new color. (we used the color: BLUE and PURPLE)
  3. Have your child paint the paper with the water color. Allowing them to cover the page with color. Make sure to encourage them to add a good amount of water. Tip: use a thicker paintbrush for younger children.
  4. When the paper is covered in color, have your child squeeze lemon over their painting and add salt. Together you can watch how it changes the paint and how the salt absorbs the moisture. 
  5. When they are done with the lemon and salt you can set it out to dry. (the drying process will be different for everyone depending on how much water your child used.)
  6. When the paper is dry you can use the sticks you collected to create the ladder to the moon. Help your child notice the different lengths needed to create the ladder. 
  7. Hang it up and ENJOY 

Watercolor and lemon: The citric acid in the juice will bleach the colors of the watercolor paint producing interesting shapes and designs.

Watercolor and salt: The salt will push the watercolor pigment away. This will lighten the spot and create a dark outline around that spot.


To expose your children to an artist. This project is a great opportunity to use senses to create art. Helping your child notice how the lemon smells, feels, and how it interacts with the watercolor when you squeeze it. Using the sense of touch to feel the grains of salt against the paper and skin and how salt interacts with water. Have fun, get messy, use your senses, and allow them to express themselves. 

Book Recommendation:

Liquid Watercolor: note this can stain so it may be better for older children.

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