Breathing Stick: Self Regulation Tool for Children

Age Group:

4 and up 


  • Pipe cleaner
  • Beads

Step by Step:

  1. Take the pipe cleaner and make sure to knot or twist one end. 
  2. Have the child then choose 5-7 beads of their choice.
  3. The child can then string the beads onto the pipe cleaner. 
  4. Make sure to twist or knot the other end of the pipe cleaner when done. 

How to use a breathing stick:

  • Have all beads on one side to start. 
  • Place the first bead between your fingers and slowly inhale. 
  • As you exhale move the bead from one side to the other. 
  • Inhale and place the next bead between your figures. 
  • Exhale slowly and move the bead to the other side. 
  • Continue until you have moved all the beads to the other side. 

This is a great tool for children when they are feeling BIG emotions. Of course it should be practiced when the child is calm as well. It can make a great addition to your morning routine, calm down dorner, time in spot, night routine etc. 


To help children self regulate and be more aware of their breathing

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