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Painting and Texture for Preschool

Painting with or on textures 

Painting allows children to use all of their senses and when you add texture it becomes a more involved experience. 

Learning through touch and textures is a good way to build your child’s motor skills. Holding, squeezing, poking, gripping, all will help your child with, not only their motor skills, but also their hand eye coordination.

We all know that babies explore the world around them through touch, putting things in their mouth, grabbing everything and anything. Touch is a way for them to interact, interpret and understand the world around them. Toddlers are no different BUT they can start to experience their world in different ways. Through sensory play, cooking, art…..

The sense of touch helps a child understand what an object is and how it interacts with the world.The difference between liquids and solids, mud and playdough, oil and water. Textures can also help children with word acquisition. Through these experiences they expand their vocabulary and ability to describe objects and observations.

It is important to note that play and textural experiences are inevitable. You don’t have to try too hard to have your child feel different textures. It can be as simple as cooking together, getting dressed in the morning, playing barefoot outside, taking a shower, going for a swim…..

ALL of these are textural and sensory experiences. 

Art is a GREAT way to enrich textural experiences. 

Easy texture art projects for preschoolers:

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