Mindful Art Exercise for Preschool

Mindfulness Breathing through Art


4 and up 


  • Paper 
  • Paint brush
  • Paint (any type of watercolor works) 

Step by Step:

This is a VERY easy activity BUT can take a LOT of practice for some little ones. All you have to do is encourage your child to draw a line: for every deep breath they take they will draw the line upwards and for every exhale they will draw a line downwards. They can continue to do this until they reach the end of the paper. Then they can start back from the beginning drawing a line slightly above the first one they drew. Again inhale up, exhale down. You may need to model this activity for your child to truly understand the flow. You can choose to play relaxing music as you and your child paint. 


This mindfulness activity is one that helps your child practice deep breathing while having a visual to refer to. It can be practiced over and over again. If your child only wants to draw one line and not continue, do not pressure them. They can come back to it when they feel they are ready.

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