Vowel Race: Working on Vowels with Preschooler

Vowel Race Preschool Lesson

Gotta keep it interesting when working with letter sounds. Flash cards can get, well, “boring” or repetitive. Understanding vowels is the foundation for reaching and writing in the English language and therefore very important. BUT learning vowel sounds doesn’t have to be stressful and can be fun. This activity helps keep them interested to keep them engaged and wanting more. 


4 and up 

(Children should know their letter sounds. This can happen at different ages for different children. Remember each child is different so 4 is just when some children are ready.) At age 4 children typically are able to start to hear and decode letter sounds. 


  • Paper 
  • Market
  • Pink Series (free printable) or picture magnets (CVC or Consonant vowel consonant words. EX: cat, fan, bug, etc.)

How to:

When doing this lesson all you have to do is set up your track. You can do this on paper or you can use tape and create the track on the wall or floor. I suggest you keep the track straight and not run into each other. You can then put the vowel at the start of each track. (a e i o u ) then you can put all your CVC words (picture magnet or pink series printable in a bowl or bag). Have the child pick a word one by one and line them up on the corresponding letter sound. The objective of the game is to see what vowel makes it to the finish line first. My child and I always guess which will win before we get started. Make sure to allow the child to decode the word slowly. You can help them of-course when you see they are struggling. 


Help children work on vowel sounds and decode a word.


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