Intro to the Body Systems

Learning about the body can be so much fun. Although it can be a complex topic you will be surprised how much your child will understand, raitain and what questions they come up with. This lesson can be served as an intro to body systems and can be modified for each age group. 


4 and up 

What you need:

  • Long paper
  • Market and/or crayons

How to:

Lay out the long piece of paper and have the child lay on their back on the paper. Then you can trace their silhouette. If your child is able you can have them trace each other. When they are done you can draw or write the parts of the body that they know. If your child is younger they may just name the parts they can see: Eyes, Lips, Nose, Hands, Toes, Hair…etc. This process is all about what they already know so let them run with it. Let them tell you about the human body. 

Ideas for medium: 

  • collage – have your child cut out from magazine
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Write
  • play doh


Have them revisit what they already know and get them curious about what they still have yet to learn. Through questions you can get their minds going and wondering how it all works. 


I created this printable to help children understand what is inside the body. This can be a hard concept because we don’t see all these systems with our eyes BUT everyone has them. 

How to use: 

  1. Download
  2. Print
  3. Cut out 
  4. Glue the child over the system they came with
  5. Let dry 
  6. Get a flashlight and shine the light behind the picture of the child. This will allow the system to aprea. 
  7. Discuss and match 

Easy Definitions:

Skeletal System: All the bones in the body are called the skeletal system. The skeletal system provides protection for our organs as well as rigidity to our bodies. (so we don’t flop around like a jellyfish)

Respiratory System: This is the body’s way of breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide

Circulatory System: Helps the heart bring blood to the rest of the body. Made up of blood vessels that carry blood away from and towards the heart

Digestive System: Helps break down the food you eat and helps turns it into energy.

Muscular System: Is made up of the muscles that help us move. 

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