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Paper Towel Painting 

This is an easy and quick setup and helps promote curiosity while creating art. Give your child independence while doing this activity step back and watch them observe the colors blend together. Remember that process art is all about the process NOT about the end result.

2 and up 

What you need:

How to:
1. Lay out the paper towel and secure it on the table. (I just wet the corners a little to keep it down)
2. Then set up the containers filled with liquid watercolor or colored water (using food coloring or liquid watercolor).
3. Then give your children droppers and paintbrushes. Let them drip the colors all around and see the colors spread and mix. This makes for a beautiful final product that can be hung once it has dried.

You can choose to use primary colors only (red, blue, and yellow). This will allow them to see how secondary colors are created. Or you could give them all the colors you have available to you and just have fun.

Not only do they see how the colors mix they can also see how the colors move through the paper towel. As they are using the dropper to create this art they are also working on their fine motor skills. 

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