Number Recognition Activity: City Skyline

Number recognition is the ability to recognize numbers by their names and the way they look. Being able to recognize numbers helps promote confidence and encourages flexible thinking which will be the foundation you will build on.

3 and up 
Make sure that your child has a good grasp and understanding of the one-to-one correspondence. (understanding one-to-one correspondence)

What you need:

  • Legos 
  • Paper
  • Marker

How to:
All you have to do is

  1. Write down numbers on a piece of paper. The numbers should be ones your child will recognize. The numbers do NOT have to be in order.
  2. Then have your child build the city skyline. Make sure to explain that each lego represents one floor and that the number represents how many floors that building should have.
  3. Point to one number and ask them to tell you the number. Then help them count the legos to equal the number of flours.
  4. Stack them up and voila you have built your first building.
  5. Continue to do this until you have built your entire city skyline. Have fun!

Your child will work on number recognition, following directions, and fine and gross motor skills as they stack the blocks together.


Make sure to set your child up for success while also challenging them. There is no need to use many numbers if your child can only sit for 5-10 minutes at a time. You can use as many or as few numbers as you think your child can handle.

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