Practice Letters – Chalk Activity

3 and up 
(when your child can recognize some of the letters and their sounds. Can be modified)

What you need:
– Chalk 

How to:
Write the letters your child is working on and/or knows in chalk.  (refer to how to introduce letters) Make sure not to put them in order and spread them out. If your child likes lots of movement you can spread the letters further apart. When you have written the letters you can call out a letter. (we use the sound of the letter) Have your child look for the letter and then jump, skip, walk or run to the letter and stand on it. Then repeat this with other letters. You can even take turns and have your child call out the letters and you go stand on the appropriate letter. This is a good one for children that need to move when learning. All children can benefit from movement when learning. 

This is a good activity to help practice letter sounds and letter recognition.

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