Color Recognition with Stickers

Color recognition is an important cognitive developmental step for toddlers. It plays will play a role in object recognition as well as a vital part of developing descriptive language skills. Color recognition takes practice and there are lots of ways to help your child work on matching colors. You can do it through play, art, or other activities like this one.

2 and up

What you need:

  • Colored stickers – LINK
  • Colored construction paper

How to:
This is a very easy setup. All you have to do is cut the construction paper in half and stick the construction paper of each color on the wall. Do it at a level your child will be able to reach. Then take the colored stickers and give them to your child. Ask them to match the colored sticker to the matching construction paper and stick it. Stickers are a great fine motor skill but if your child still needs help taking the stickers off you definitely can help. 

Pro Tip: take the background sticker off to make it easier for them to take off the circles. 

Work on fine motor skills- as they peel off every sticker and place it on the appropriate color. They will also be working on color recognition and matching. This is a great activity for little ones that need to keep moving and have wiggly feet. You can even place the construction paper in different parts of the room in order to accommodate their energy level.

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