Practice Sorting with Preschooler (Coins)

2 ½ and up 

What you need:
All you need for this one is lots of coins. Quarters, pennies, dimes, nickels

How to:
This is a great activity for your child to do independently once the activity has been introduced and the child has understood what is being asked of them. 

  1. Collect all of the coins you have and place them in one container. 
  2. Draw a grid on a piece of paper or use the painter’s tape to create the grid on the flour. As shown below. 
  3. Then place one of each coin in one square. A quarter in one square, nickel in the other, penny in the next one, and a dime in the last. 
  4. Together with your child look at the coins and talk about what is the same and what is different about each coin. 
  • This one is larger
  • This one is silver
  • Look at how small this one is
  • The penny is a different color (copper)
  1. Then pull off the container of coins and have them sort the coins. You can help them for a few. Then allow them to work through it on their own. 

This activity helps children work on focus and attention to detail. Being able to differentiate small differences and sort. They will be developing visual perception, fine motor skills, reasoning, and problem-solving. 

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