Blending CVC Words

What are CVC words? It is a word that is made up of a consonant, vowel, and consonant. (CAT, HAT, MAT, etc) In the Montessori method, we use the Pink Series to help work on these words. (FREE pink series available) The pink series can be used in many different ways this is just one of them.
It is important that your child master CVC words because this step gives your child confidence in their abilities. It helps them build phonemic awareness that you will continue to build on.

When your child has mastered all of their letter sounds and can encode simple CVC words you can start to work on CVC blending. 

Encoding: when a child can break a spoken word into its separate sounds and spell the word.

What you need:

  • Play-doh 
  • Pink series (or you can simply write the word out on a piece of paper or whiteboard)

How to:

  1. Draw a grid as shown below
  2. Write down your CVC (consonant vowel consonant) word. Examples: CAT, DOG, PET, FAN, TUB, etc. Put the first letter in the first box on the top, the second in the second, and the third in the third box. 
  3. Roll the play-dough into balls and place the ball under each letter. As shown below
  4. Then have your child squish the playdough as they sound out the word. 
  5. After sounding out each letter, have them quickly blend those sounds. This takes practice and can take a while before your child is able to easily blend the sounds to make the word. 

Help your child blend sounds to read the word. This is a great way to add a sensory experience to learning, helping children stay engaged. 

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