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Pumpkin Painting for Kids 

Painting pumpkins is a great alternative to carving pumpkins AND this activity will just keep on giving. So get the paint out and let them paint some colorful creations. Watch them mix the colors of the rainbow, create faces, drip paint, etc. Then wash it all off and start again.

All ages

What you need: 

How to: 

  1. Choose your pumpkin and set up your space. Make sure that you give your child the room to make a mess. 
  2. Let your child paint the pumpkin with all the colors they choose. This is a great independent activity where your child can just create and play. 
  3. When your child seems to be done, bring out the bin of water and give then sponges, brushes and clothes.
  4. Now ask your child to wash the paint off the pumpkin and make it sparkly clean again. 
  5. Make sure to dry off the pumpkin well. 
  6. Do it all over again next time. This activity can last you the entire month of october AND when you are ready skip the washing part and keep them on display. 


Frequently asked questions:

Will washing my pumpkin make it rot?

Washing your pumpkin will NOT make them rot, just make sure to dry them thoroughly. 

What sort of paint should I use?

Any washable paint or water-based paint

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