The Circles Around Me – SEL Activity

Who makes up your circle? People who care about you, who want you to succeed, who are there for you when you need them, they celebrate your success, and are your loudest cheerleaders. 

Our children also have their circle of people that make up their community. This is a great activity to help highlight who is part of their circle. Who can they count on and call to if  they need help? It is important to note that like adults children also get to define who makes up their circle. Some may keep a tight circle or family and friends while others may have a larger circle of people they identify as being part of their circle. 

This activity is meant to be a visualization of all the people your child can count on and this can help alleviate some anxiety and stressors some children have. Some children may feel alone or get separation anxiety even at the age of 4 and older. It is important that your child can identify the adults and friends they can count on and who are there for them. 

4 and up 

What your need:

  • Paper
  • Markets, crayons, or paint 

How to:

  1. You can use this PDF or you can also draw a circle on a plane piece of paper. 
  2. Then with your child start to discuss what an inner circle of people means. These are the people who are closest to them and understand them, want them to succeed, and will always help when help is needed. 
  3. Then start naming who some of these people might be. Of course, children need help identifying people. You can start with parents and siblings, family members, etc. 
  4. Every time you name a person, draw a circle. You can choose to use a different color for each person. 
  5. Give your child the freedom to add whoever they feel is part of that circle. 
  6. When they are done note how many people are there to help them grow and are there for them if they need it. It is important to also mention that their circle is always changing and that people can be added and people can also be removed. They are in control of who they want to be part of this circle.

GREAT BOOK to include – “ The Circle All Around Us”
Read Aloud –

Start a conversation and help your child visualize and think of who are the people who care about them and want them to succeed. It is a great opportunity to discuss family, friendship, teachers, community, etc. This is great for children with anxiety to help them realize they have people behind them to support them and help them when needed.

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