Monster Math- Practice Math with Children

Monster Math can make math so much fun and it’s always great to change it up a little. As we are approaching Halloween it’s a fun way to get in the spirit of Halloween but this activity can be done any time of year. My children love it and like to color the monsters when they are done. So this activity just keeps on giving. You can use it to practice math and then you can make it into an art project or coloring page. 

2 and up 

You can make this as easy or challenging as you want. You can make it all about number recognition or you can create addition and/or subtraction problems. 

What you need: 

  • Paper
  • Marker 
  • Circle stickers or googly eyes (you can also choose to draw the eyes if you would like) 

How to: 

  1. Draw monsters with NO EYES. (this is what the children will be adding in order to complete the monster) Just use your imagination and have fun. Check out my drawing for inspiration
  2. Over the monsters write down numbers OR you can create math problems. This is all up to where your child is at in their math journey. 
  3. Then take the circle stickers and draw black dots in the middle. This is what they will be using as the eyes. 
  4. Do the first monster with your little one to show them how it all works. The number represents the number of eyes they must stick on the monster. If they are doing an addition or subtraction problem the result will be the number of eyes. 
  5. Then let them go for it and make sure to hang up the result so they can go back to it. This also does not need to be done in one sitting and can be kept up for your child to go to as they wish. 


Children will be working on their math skills: number recognition, addition, subtraction, or simple multiplication. They will also be working on their fine motor skills as they take the stickers off one by one and stick them on the monster. 


There are so many fun ways to practice math here are a few more you might like:

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