Guess the Shape – Geometry and Shapes

guessing shapes using touch

Guess the Shape 

There are so many ways to work on Geometry and shapes. Who doesn’t love a guessing game? This is a great way to have your children practice their geometric shapes. You can use the shapes your children already know and make it as easy or challenging as you would like. It’s easy to set up and clean up which is always a plus. This activity can be for 2D shapes or 3D shapes. This means this activity can grow with your child based on where they are at in their learning process. 

3 and up 

What you need:

  • Different shapes (we used cardboard cut outs) you can use cut outs, shapes from around the house, puzzle shapes, etc. 
  • Something to blindfold the child when it’s their turn: scarf,  bandana, headband

How to:

  1. Collect the shapes from around the house or cut them out. 
  2. Then put them in the center of the table or bowl. 
  3. Blindfold your child and let them reach for the first shape. 
  4. Remind them that they need to use only their sense of touch in order to guess what shape they are holding. 
  5. The goal is to have your child guess all the shapes correctly. Of course this may not be an easy task and mistakes will be made. This is when you can step in and give them some clues. 


Use the sense of touch to guess the shape. Children will have to use their sense of touch and count the sides or corners. They will need to differentiate between straight lines and curved lines. This will also help make them aware of how important their senses are in completing a task. They will practice their geometric shapes and become more aware of what differentiates them. 


  1. Guess the shape
  2. Sorting game – have the child sort while wearing the blindfold. (use two shapes to start) ex: have them put all the squares on one side and the circle on the other side. 
  3. You can have them choose the biggest shape and then the smallest within the shapes you gathered. 

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