Fine Motor Practice: Scoop and Transfer Activity

We have all heard of the scoop and transfer activities with little ones; they are SO much fun. These activities can be done with anything and everything from water, dirt, flour, beans, etc. This activity is one step up from this and can be turned into a game. It is great for practicing hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and concentration.

2 1/2 and up

What you need:

  • 3 bowls
  • Two spoons or scoopers
  • Something to scoop: beans, sand, water, etc

How to:

  1. In two bowls place the item that is to be scooped. We used rice
  2. To set up this activity place the bowls with the items on either side. 
  3. Place the empty bowl in the middle
  4. Then give your child the two spoons and ask them to place one in each hand. Ask them to scoop with both hands at the same time and place the rice in the middle bowl. 
  5. The goal is to fill the middle bowl to the top without spilling the lentils as you transfer. 

* You can turn this into a game when they get the hang of it by timing them and seeing who can scoop the fasts and fill the bowl. They can play against siblings and or just themselves. 

Have your child use both hands to scoop and fill the middle bowl. This is great not only for fine motor skills but also great for hand-eye coordination. They will use both sides of their brain to focus on the task. 

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